How Costly Can Your Paintballing Be? (Ultimate Price Guide)

In this time of inflation, when you think about playing paintball, or about any activity for that case, the first question that comes to your mind is, “how much is it going to cost?”.

If you are struggling with the same question, here we are with the ultimate price guide for paintballing. Because this question does not have a straight answer.

A game of paintball, like many other sports, can be expensive, but the final answer depends on what you are looking forward to playing and how you want to play it.

Here we will discuss all the factors that contribute to the price of paintballing and how you can make it affordable.

No matter, if you are really into this game or are just curious as a beginner player, this article can help you through and through.

Types of Expenses

If you are starting out as a beginner, you must realize that there are two types of expenses while you are playing paintball. 

  • One-time Expenses
  • Recurring Expenses

You can buy the primary gear as a starter; which includes a paintball gun/ marker, a hopper, and an eye mask. And these will be all for a starter package of one-time expenses.

But there are other things that you have to pay for continuously as you are playing paintball. These include paintball pallets, gas refills, and field rents. So, for the starting period, you can also have all of these as a paintball rental package from different fields.

Here is all the detail you need on what to expect about each item on your list.

Paintball Gun or Marker

You can find a paintball marker for as low as 30 Dollars to as high as 3500 Dollars.

But, if you are planning and preparing for your first-ever paintball game, it is always better to use a rental one. Almost all fields give rental equipment. But you can also find the rental equipment in a retail store nearby even if your field does not offer these.

How Much Does A Paintball Gun Cost

The benefit of a rental gun is that you will be able to find out if you really like the game or not. If you do enjoy paintballing, you can always buy your own gun later, but if you do not, there is no use in being so thrifty.

If you have already found your interest in paintball and you are planning to have your own equipment, as there are three main types of paintball guns, it is always a good idea to start with an electro-mechanical gun. 

These paintball guns can last you a pretty long time while providing great performance. An electro-mechanical paint gun can cost you between 70 to 100 USD. 

But, if you do not even want to spend that, you can always go for a pump gun. A plastic pump gun, with the basic gear starter set, can cost you as little as 50 Dollars or even less.

But you must be aware of the quality. A pump gun does not shoot as accurately as a semi-automatic gun. It may give you trouble on the field against those who are using better equipment and no one wants that.


Hopper is simply a device that is placed over a paintball gun to load paintballs. It is also called a loader or feeder.  

There is a variety of hoppers in the market from gravity feed hoppers to electronic hoppers. If you are planning to buy a beginner set, a gravity hopper is the best choice for you and it will cost you as little as 5 Dollars to buy a basic one.

How Much Does A Paintball Hopper Cost

And, this kind of hopper lasts for ages. It won’t load your gun as fast as an electronic one, but for a basic necessity of starting your game, they are matchless.

Also, if you are starting out with a mechanical gun, you do not need an electronic hopper for it.

But if you want to be serious about paintballing, you may need to buy an electric hopper which will cost you anywhere from 50 dollars to 200 Dollars depending upon the build and features you are looking for.

Eye Mask

For some experts, an eye mask is the most important thing in paintball gear. And seriously, you do not be near a game of paintball without your eyes covered with an eye mask. 

The purpose of an eye mask is to save your eyes from shooting paintballs that can have a speed of 250 FPS (Feet Per Second) on average. And if a paintball lands on your eyes you may even lose your vision temporarily or permanently in the worst cases.

How Much Does A Paintball Mask Cost

This is why you can compromise on the quality of a gun or hopper, but never on an eye mask. The starting price of an eye mask is 20 Dollars.

You may want to buy a better one but that will certainly mean a higher price. Anti-fog goggles can be the best purchase if you are really into this game. Because you are tempted to remove your mask if it fogs up with high breathing. 

Investing in an eye mask as soon as possible is the best investment perhaps. Because not many of us wear a mask that we know many people have sweat in. So, make a purchase if you have got a few bucks in your pocket.

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Gas Tank

A paintball gun uses gas to shoot paintballs and this gas is filled in tanks (of 12 oz on average) that are attached to your gun. Co2 tank is easily available in all fields and it is a cheaper option. 

But, investing in an HPA tank is recommended in the long run. These tanks are more expensive because of their build, but they are an environment-friendly and safer option.

Paintball Rounds/ Pallets

Paintball rounds or pallets are paintball gun ammunition and something that you will be buying continuously as long as you want to play the game. It is a recurring cost that you have to pay but if you are buying them wisely, you may save a few extra dollars.

Paintball rounds can cost you anywhere from 30 Dollars to 80 Dollars a bag that contains 2000 rounds, depending upon the quality and also from where you are buying them. Low-quality paintballs will cost you less money but they might cost you high during the game. Because 

  1. The cheaper ones are less bright and not as visible as the high-quality ones when they burst.
  2. They do not burst so easily on impact, making your game hard to win.
How Much Do Paintballs Cost

Unfortunately, many rental fields will insist that you buy their paint, which can be more expensive and low in quality.

But, if your field does allow your own paint it is better to buy a pack of 2000 instead of buying it in lesser quantities because that will cost you even more. If some are left unused, you can store them properly.

On average, you will use 500 paintballs a day, and that can cost you 15 to 30 Dollars if you are buying it on a daily basis.

Gas Refills

Another recurring expense in paintball will be your gas refills. Depending upon what kind of tank you have attached to your gun, you will have to get it refilled with Co2 or HPA (High-Pressure Air). 

The average cost of refilling a tank is 5 Dollars for any gas. But the good part of HPA is that you can buy a compressor of your own and be your own gas provider because HPA is nothing but compressed air, available everywhere around you. 

Pro Tip: If you have plans to stay in the fields for all day, it is better to buy an “all-day refill package” which means the field management will provide you refills no matter how many times you need them.

Field Rent

Whenever you want to play a game of paintball, you need to have a place for it. And for that, you will have to pay rent. 

Field rents vary widely, depending upon the location and size of the field. Field rent can cost you from 30 to 80 Dollars a day

Pro Tip: Many fields offer membership and some seasonal packages too. Do a little research before you go playing on a regular basis to reduce your cost.

Rental Equipment

Not everyone is a regular player of paintball with all the equipment needed at hand. Many of us play it occasionally when we want to spend some time out on a recreational game or work out. 

Rental equipment can be of great use if you are one such player, or if you want to try your hand at the game for the first time.

Paintball Rental Equipment And Cost

This equipment can help you if you are not planning to use it on a regular basis. As it can cost you 30 to 40 Dollars on a day of paintball, and this rent is apart from the field rent you have already paid.

In addition to being expensive, the rental equipment is not as top-notch as you might like it to be. It works, but with over-use, it has lost its spark.

And, renting a different gun, every time you are going to play will surely make things difficult for you. It is always better for a pro player to use a gun that he owns for a consistent game.

The Cost of a Day of Paintballing

How much a day of paintballing costs depends on many factors. Field rents are different in different states and areas. You can find a field that charges only 30 Dollars, but there are others that will not let you in unless you pay them 70 Dollars in rent. 

It also depends on the equipment. If you are using your own equipment, all you have to pay for is paintballs and gas refills. Supposing you are using 500 paintballs a day, which is the average rate, they can cost you 15 to 30 Dollars.

Gas refills are another 15 to 20 Dollars.

And, if you are using rental equipment, that will cost you 30 to 40 Dollars extra. 

Calculating all the mentioned costs, a day at paintball can cost you anywhere between 40 to 160 Dollars.

How Much Does It Cost To Go Paintballing

Used Equipment

If you are really hooked up with the game and want to buy your own equipment with limited resources, it is a good idea to check on a retailer that sells used equipment.

You can also buy it from someone who has upgraded his kit and has an old set spare. Using a gun that you are familiar with is a lot better than trying your hand at different models of rental guns.

Buying used equipment can save you 50% of the actual amount you may have to pay if you are buying a new set. 

High-end Equipment

Apart from the basic and necessary equipment, there is a whole lot of stuff you can buy if you have turned into a paintball geek. Here are a few things you might like to purchase.

How Much Does Paintball Equipment Cost


You can play paintball in any clothes you feel comfortable in.

It is better to wear clothes but if you are a pro player and want to look like one, you can buy clothes especially for paintballing. Military-style uniforms are the most popular for this purpose.

Or, players can have customized sweaters and shirts with their names written on them.

How Much Do Paintball Clothes Cost


Basically, you can wear any kind of shoes to a game of paintball. You can buy a pair for 5 USD. But if you want to be a little fancy here too, you can pay 200 Dollars for your military shoes as well.

Read our detailed guide on what to wear to paintball.

Paintball Safety Accessories

You are not allowed to enter a field of paintball without wearing your eye mask, but there are many other safety accessories that you can buy if you feel the need.

For example, a helmet can protect your head from paintball pallets. If the pain of hitting paintball pellets is kind of unbearable for you, you can go ahead and buy a vest cover and forearm pads too.

How much you have involved in the game and how much you want to invest in it, all depends on your personal preferences.

High-end Markers

If you are into the game head over heels, you may want to buy some extravagant markers to play with, as well as boast about, among your friends. 

As there are some amazing guns available for as much as above 2000 Dollars. But apart from providing a wonderful service, the markers are available that will surely make you stand out from your co-players. No matter how unbelievable it may sound, people buy 24K gold-plated guns for no other reason than their outstanding looks. 


If you are a paintball geek and play it quite often, a paintball field membership can really help you to bring the cost down.

Many fields offer memberships and many favors are given with the package like free air fills and discounted pallets. Some fields also offer guest entries so you can occasionally take your friends with you to have a fun time together. 

Membership rates are different in different fields, depending on the location, services provided, and quality arrangements. Most of the fields offer yearly memberships but some also offer lifetime membership cards so you never have to pay for the field rent again. 

Yearly membership rates are anywhere between 400 to 800 Dollars. Do a little research in the nearby fields before applying for membership and choose wisely.

How Much Does Paintball Cost

Paintballing Price Comparison Table

Item NameStarter/ Basic PriceHigh-end Price
Field Rent$20$70
Paintball Marker$30 to $50$2000
Eye Mask$20$200
Hopper/ Loader$5$200
Co2 Tanks$12$50
HPA Tanks$45$150
Paintball Pallets per Pack of 2000 Rounds$30 to $40$70 to $90
Field Paint per 500 Rounds$15 to $25$40 to $50
Rental Equipment$30$40
Gas Refills$10 to $15$10 to $15
One Day Cost$70$140


Like every other hobby, you can spend as much or as little as you want on paintballing. 

The initial cost can be a bit more expensive as compared to some other sports, like archery tag, but the rest depends on the player. 

You can spend an amazingly memorable day out with friends for 70 to 100 dollars on average. And that is just as much as you may be spending on other fun activities with your friends. You can bring the cost down if you can just borrow the gear from someone you know. 

But you gotta trust one thing, you need to try paintballing once in your life and you will surely agree that it is worth every penny.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Which gun is the best for a starter paintball player? 

A semi-automatic, also called an electro-mechanical gun is best suited for you if you are starting out as a paintball player. It will cost you 50 to 70 dollars but it will perform great. In terms of low price, you can go for a pump plastic gun that costs as low as 30 dollars.

Which hopper is best to use?

It all depends on the usage. A gravity hopper works fine on a mechanical gun and costs only around 5 dollars. But a professional player with a fully automatic gun will always choose an electronic gun for its speed. 

How can I make paintballing less expensive?

If you want to play regularly, buying your own equipment will surely cut on expenses. Doing a little research beforehand can prove helpful. If your place does not call for field paint, buying it in bulk can be less expensive. Also, try to find fields that give good seasonal packages. 

Is paintball an expensive sport?

Paintball can be expensive, as compared to some other sports, for all the equipment you have to buy and also for the recurring costs like field rents, gas refills, and gun ammunition. But it is certainly not too expensive if you are just playing it occasionally with rental equipment.

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