Tippmann 98 Custom Paintball Gun- Expert’s Review 2024

Say welcome to the best selling paintball gun in the paintball world!

That is the kind of red carpet treatment this gun deserves.

It has been called the “workhorse” of the paintball industry.

Some call it the “Nokia” of the paintball world.

I hope you have started to get the idea of what type of gun we are talking about.

Yes! It was one of the oldest guns still available in the market that works tirelessly regardless of how it has been treated even by the younger or new players.

That is why you will see it all the time, everywhere in the hands of new paintball players. It is one of the most used guns by paintball field rentals.

It has undergone many changes and upgrades over the years since it came out in 1988, but the main system has ever been the same. And you can guess why!

Because it is super reliable, extremely durable, and crazy customizable.

I will be talking about this gun in all the details.

You will get to know the changes it had over the years, the newer models that are available in the market today, also some of the customizations you can do around this gun (I cannot talk about all of them, because there are numerous and this article will never come to an end if we wanted to go through all of them), and also how you can maintain this gun to keep it in working condition forever!

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Tippmann 98 Custom Platinum Series

This is the newest series of Tippmann 98 custom and this is the only series that is still in making. You can find the older version available in the market though.

There are two guns in this series.

  1. Tippmann 98 Custom Platinum Series Ultra Basic
  2. Tippmann 98 Custom Platinum Series with ACT

What’s New in the Platinum Series?

The basic mechanism of the marker is just the same as it has always been. The main difference that has been made with this series is the two piece body cover. In these models, the flap that covers the bolt and main assembly comes in two pieces that can be opened individually.

So if you have a problem, or you need to do some upgrade with the rear part, you can open the flap there and do whatever business you have there.

Tippmann 98 Paintball Gun Review

And, in case you need to change the ball detent in the front part, or you need to deal with the front part for any reason, you can simply open up the front cap with separate screws there and get your job done without touching or rearranging any stuff in the rear.

Another change in design they have made is the gas line connection. In the previous model, the gas line went right into the valve inside the gun and was threaded there. So in case of any maintenance required, it was quite difficult to get in the gun and remove the gas line.

In the platinum series the gas line is designed to plug in from the outside. You do not need to open the gun, as the line simply plugs in with a simple push-in.

These are truly remarkable and much needed changes that Tippmann has made there. It makes it absolutely easier than it has ever been to open up the gun and deal with the stuff inside without dealing with the parts you have nothing to do about.

Now that you know about the main upgrade in the platinum series, let us talk about the two guns in detail individually.

Tippmann 98 Custom Platinum Series Ultra Basic Paintball Marker

Tippmann 98 Custom Paintball Gun Guide And Review
Barrel Length8 ½ inch
Propellant GasCO2, HPA
Firing Rate8 Balls Per Second
Semi/ Full AutomaticSemi Automatic
Hopper/ Magazine FedHopper Fed

What’s in The Box?

This marker comes in a sturdy cardboard box with all the items packed in their separate indentations. 

Inside the box, you will find the body of the marker, an 8 ½ inch barrel, a feed neck that can be attached to a hopper, and a packet that contains a few spare parts, some O rings, Allen keys, and a tiny bottle of lube.

Other than these parts, you will get a manual which is always important to read before you go using any gun, no matter if you are an experienced player or using it for the first time.

Tippmann 98 Custom Review What Is In The Box


The marker is mainly made of aluminum which makes it durable and more resistant to breakage. 

Most of the way this gun has been designed is already discussed above. It has a split receiver so you do not have to disassemble the whole gun if you need to do any maintenance. 

The feed neck is easily installable. You just need to click it in its place, with the help of the two needles it comes with, at the side of the barrel and then push it upwards at an angle so it gets to its place.  

Next to the trigger, you will see a safety button that locks your gun with a simple push when you are not using it. It is used by most guns to avoid accidents.

It does have a foregrip for easy handling and comfortable shooting. You can change the foregrip with a lot of variations like changing it into a magazine and using the gun as a magfed system or using a forearm that allows a gas through system. We will be talking about these upgrades later in this article. 

Back Side

Coming to the back side of this gun, I have one important thing to talk about. Here you will see two ports above the receiver.

These two ports are there for aftermarket upgrades. It uses two ports for different gas inlets instead of using one hose with a T-shaped valve to supply gas to different parts of the gun.

For example, if you want to use a double trigger on this gun and also a cyclon hopper (don’t worry, we will discuss the cyclon hopper as well as a double trigger), both the attachments will have separate gas inlets that will surely help them function better.

Back Side Of Tippmann 98 Custom Paintball Gun


When you are talking about a Tippmann gun, you do not have to talk about durability because this is something like a universally acknowledged fact that these guns are matchless in their durability. 

It is the most used gun in the rentals and, of course, the credit goes to its durability. These guns have been in mud, sand, snow, and rain and they still keep on working like nothing else. 


This paintball marker shoots accurately to above 50 feet. But you can upgrade it with a longer barrel and it will be even better in accuracy. 

Tippmann 98 Custom Platinum Series Paintball Marker with ACT

Tippmann 98 Custom Paintball Gun Review

This is the second gun of Tippmann 98 Custom Platinum series. It is just like the Custom Ultra Basic with one more addition to make it better, 

It comes with ACT or Anti Chop Technology to prevent ball chopping. 

If you are unfamiliar with ball chopping. Don’t worry. We have got all the answers for you!

What is Ball Chopping?

When you are shooting with a paintball marker, it is being fed from above through a feed neck that connects it with a hopper. The feed neck is continuously feeding it with new balls but sometimes, when you shoot, the ball is not completely into the barrel but just halfway through it. You hit the trigger and the bolt gets the ball in midway, chopping it right inside your gun. 

Now you have a hot mess of a chopped paintball inside your gun that is not going to let you shoot accurately. 

Ball chopping is quite common in mechanical markers because they do not have an “eye” inside like electronic markers that detect the ball in the barrel before shooting. 

ACT or Anti Chop Technology

This version of Tippmann Custom 98 comes with ACT technology, which is basically an extra spring that they have installed in the rear of the gun, just above the bolt, and a little difference in the design of the linkage arm that is connected to the bolt in the front.  

When you cock the gun, the sear spring and the extra ACT spring are both compressed. 

So, if you pull the trigger when the ball is not completely settled in the breech, the linkage arm will detect the ball in its way and slide up. The hammer will go forward without the linkage arm attached to it and this way the bolt will never move. 

The whole system will automatically cycle without hitting the ball and chopping it into a mess inside your gun. 

How Effective is the ACT?

ACT is a good addition to Tippmann 98 and it works well as a basic work system to prevent ball chopping. But, in my experience, it does not completely eliminate the chances of ball chopping.

However, there is still a risk for it. And, if you really want to eliminate ball chopping, running a cyclon hopper on your gun is a much better solution. 

Tippmann 98 Custom Paintball Marker (the Older Version)

I know some people are always preferring the older models over the newer ones because of their firm belief in “old is gold”. They are right in a way too as nothing beats the quality and durability of older guns or machines.

In case you are among that school, you can buy the previous model of Tippmann 98 Custom by clicking on this link.

Customizations for the Custom 98

Custom 98 is known for the customizations you can do over it. It is one of those guns that you can make numerous changes to and change into something you absolutely like, because you are the one who made it that way!

Here are only a few things that you can do to your gun to make it to your own liking and be the boss of what you use in the fields.

Tippmann 98 Custom Cyclone Feed System

This is one of the super easy, super inexpensive, and yet, super important upgrades you can do on your Tippmann Custom 98 to take it to a level up. 

What’s the Purpose?

Cyclone feeder kit helps your gun to have a smooth and consistent feed of paintballs. Cyclone feeder uses gas and agitates the paintballs into the barrel so there is a consistent and fast supply of paintballs into your gun to help you shoot faster.

And, as we talked about earlier, it also eliminates the chances of the ball chopping inside the gun. Regardless, it is far better on that than ACT technology pre installed on the ACT guns. 

How to Install?

The system is extremely easy to install. It comes with all the things you need to install it on your Tippmann 98. All you need is a flathead screwdriver to do the desired changes. And, the best part is, you do not have to open the gun to install it and mess around all those internal parts that become quite tacky to put back in.

Installing Tippmann 98 Custom Cyclone Feed System
  • Remove the existing feed neck from the top of your gun by pushing the release button on it and then twisting it out from the pins it is attached with.
  • Take the hopper, the feed neck, and the hose out of the kit box. 
  • Put the gun on a flat surface with its backside up. Here you will see two ports or holes that are made to provide gas to the cyclone feeder, as well as the response trigger, if you choose to install one, individually. 
  • We will be using the upper port to attach it to the hopper, so, the next thing you need to do is to connect the hose to the feed neck and then bring it close to the upper port to take measurements. 
  • As the cyclone hopper kit is made to be installed on different guns, the gas hose it comes with is longer in length. Cut the extra hose and make it just enough so that it connects to the port.
Gas Hose On The Tippmann 98 Custom Paintball Gun
  • Once you have cut it to the size you want, attach the cyclon feed neck to your gun in the same way: twist in the pins and click it up to its place.
  • After attaching the feed neck, you need to pick up your screwdriver and loosen up the screw above the port. 
  • Take the screw out and screw in the line you get with your feed neck. Tighten up the screw and you are done. 
  • Do not try to over tighten the screw or you will regret it later as it will be creating problems letting in the gas.
Screwing The Tippmann 98 Custom Cyclone Feed System To The Gun
  • Do not forget to put that screw you removed in a safe place, in case you have after thoughts and want to remove the cyclone feeder. 

Tippmann Custom 98 Double Trigger Kit

There are several trigger upgrades you can do on your Custom 98. You can put on a response trigger, an E- Trigger, or, what we are talking about here, a double trigger. 

What is the Purpose?

If you have already installed a cyclone feeder on your Custom 98, you better install a Double Trigger kit too to get the most out of your gun. A double trigger is going to help you shoot faster and increase your BPS or ball per second rate. It will also save your fingers from getting tired by pushing that stock trigger with all your might.


The installation of a double trigger kit on your marker does require opening it up. But you can certainly do it by yourself with some proper guidance and good care.

Here is a step by step guide on how you can install a double trigger on your marker. And all you need to install the kit is a few Allen keys and a flat surface.

Pro Tip: Whenever you need to work on your gun or you are going to take it apart, choose a work surface that is flat and light colored. It will help you see better and reduce the chances of losing the small parts or screws you took apart during the procedure.

  • Check the model you have of Tippmann 98. If it is a pro model of the Platinum Series, good for you. But if you are using a previous model, you will have to put in some extra effort, because, as we have discussed before, if you need to open that, the whole side will come off and you will have to reassemble it all after you are done.
  • Have the kit ready at your side, and that includes the trigger itself and the trigger guard.
  • Take the Allen keys and start by loosening up a few screws. You will have to loosen up the ASA or the Air Supply Attachment screw at the bottom and the three screws on the top of the gun. Remember you do not need to take these screws off, you just need to loosen them up so you can take the cover off easily. 
  • Next you need to loosen up all the screws on the rear cover and take them off. Put these aside carefully because you are going to need them again.
  • Now that you have taken all the screws out, do not rush to open up the cover and take it apart. Because that way, all the internals of the gun or going to come up flying all over the place with you having no idea where they come from and where did they go. Have an Allen key or a flathead screwdriver in your hand and pry it open from all sides, going through the sides ever so gently and carefully. 
Unscrewing The Tippmann Custom 98 Paintball Gun To Install Double Trigger Kit
  • Once you have taken the cover off, check it from its other side for any parts of the gun that may have come off sticking to it. 
  • If you see any, put them back in their place. 
  • Take the trigger guard out of its place if it is still hanging in there. Though in most cases, it will automatically fall out when you open the gun. 
Opened The Tippmann Custom 98 Paintball Marker To Install Double Trigger Kit
  • Look for the trigger spring right in front of the trigger and remove it with the help of an Allen key. Keep it aside as you are going to need that again. 
Removing The Trigger Spring From Tippmann Custom 98 Gun
  • Wriggle up the old trigger from its place and take it out.
  • Take your double trigger and put it right in the place you took the older one out from.
  • Fit in the new trigger guard to its allotted spot.
Fitting New Trigger Guard On Tippmann Custom 98 Paintball Gun
  • Check for the one last time that everything is in its place. 
  • Put the cap back in its place and make sure you are not forcing anything because if everything is in the proper place you will not have to force it. 
  • If it is not settling in, recheck for any disturbances and make them right.
  • Tighten up all the screws back in and get ready to rock.

Tippmann 98 Custom Magfed Conversion Kit

Here you will realize what does it truly mean when someone calls this gun “super customizable”. Tippmann 98 Custom comes as a hopper fed system, but if you are feeling like diving into magfed games, you can turn it into a magfed system with a simple and inexpensive aftermarket magfed conversion kit.

What is the Purpose?

Well, we all know the purpose of a magazine. There are many paintball games that require magfed markers only. In case you are interested in stock games, you can use this marker with a magfed adapter.

But why should you not buy a magazine fed system in the first place instead of buying this one and converting it later? That is a genuine question that may arise in your mind.

The answer is simple: 

  1. It is a Tippmann gun and that is why it is extremely reliable.
  2. Magfed guns are usually expensive, but this system is coming at an affordable price.
  3. And… The switching between the hopper and magazine is super easy. You are not bound to a magazine or hopper, if you have installed it once, you can easily go back to the other. And it is going to take only a couple of minutes to do that.

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The installation of the kit could not be easier. You do not need any particular tools, or to be exact, you do not need even a single tool to complete the procedure.

The magfed conversion kit comes with two 6 rounds magazines, but you can use 12 rounds magazines on it or even the 20 rounds zeta mags too if you want to.

Here is a step by step guide.

  • Remove the feed neck from your gun. You can simply do it by pushing the feed neck release button on it. Slide it down and wriggle it out of the pins it is attached to.
Installing Tippmann 98 Custom Magfed Conversion Kit
  • Take your magazine adapter and wriggle it in where the feed neck was.
  • Once thoroughly inside the pins, push it upwards and let it click in the right place, just how the feed neck was attached.
  • Insert in a magazine and you are good to go.
Inserting The Magazine Into The Adapter For Tippmann 98 Custom Paintball Gun

Tippmann Sniper Barrel

Custom 98 comes with a stock barrel that is 8 ½ inches in length. The gun does shoot accurately with the stock barrel but the accurate range is around 50 feet. Farther than that, the ball starts to drop. 

Tippmann Sniper Barrel

What’s the Purpose?

So here comes the sniper barrel upgrade to keep the rolling accurately to a farther distance. This is a 16” sniper barrel that doubles the range of accuracy of your gun. And not only that, it gives your gun a look just like a sniper rifle.

Pro Tip: Handle your gun with a bit extra care when you first install this barrel because you might not be used to this long attachment and would run a risk of bumping into other objects, or even people.


Remove the stock barrel and simply thread in this one to get far better accuracy.

Tippmann Custom 98 Flatline Barrel

Tippmann Custom 98 Flatline Barrel

Here is one more upgrade option that you can do with your Custom 98 marker. It is adding a flatline barrel to it.

What’s the Purpose?

So let us first talk about what a flatline barrel is and why you need to install it on your marker.

Flatline barrels have a curve to them. If you look closely you will notice that the barrel starts a bit lower at the gun and ends up a bit higher.

So, this curve gives an uplift to the paintballs so they end up getting to a farther distance.

Reminder: A longer barrel on your gun does not increase the range it shoots to, it just helps the gun shoot accurately. Only a flatline barrel can let you reach longer distances.

Tippmann claims that a flatline barrel lets you reach 100 feet farther than your regular stock barrel. And, our experiments prove that claim to be true, as with the stock barrel you can reach to 180 to 200 feet, whereas with a flatline barrel you can shoot to around 300 feet range.


It is a Custom 98 threaded barrel so you just have to remove the stock barrel and thread in this one. 

Making Tippmann 98 Custom Full-Auto

Yes, Custom 98 is a semi automatic paintball marker, but the possibilities are truly endless. You can install an E-Trigger kit on your marker and turn it into a fully automatic system that can shoot up to 30 balls per second. 

You can find how it works in our separate article here.

The Complete Package

Tippmann is selling this gun as a part of their many starter packages, so if you are new at the game and considering buying your complete personal kit, you can consider these packages here.

These packages include a gas tank, a hopper, a mask, and a few other things to help you have easy access to these things instead of spending money on rentals, each time you want to have some fun.

The Basic Package

The Premium Package

Now let’s checkout the Pros and cons of Tippmann 98 Custom Paintball Marker.


  • This gun is super durable and reliable. You can use it in mud, rain, sand, dirt, or snow, and it will keep on working just the same. 
  • It runs on CO2 as well as HPA so you can use any gas type you are comfortable with and shoot.
  • You can do tons of upgrades with this gun and turn it into your favorite marker. 
  • It can be modified to a magfed system.
  • It is a semi automatic marker as it comes, but you can turn it into a fully automatic system by installing an E-trigger kit.
  • This gun needs low maintenance, but even if you do need to do anything, it is super easy to do it.
  • The internal parts of the gun are easily available, so if you need any kind of replacement, you will get them easily.
  • The gun comes at a budget friendly price so you do not have to pay a lot of money to buy this amazing marker.


This is one of the most amazing paintball markers and finding faults with it is one of the most difficult tasks you will ever be given. 

  • The only drawback you might find with it is the fire rate of this gun which is not as fast as you might wish it to be. 

Ratings and Reports of Players

This gun is being used in paintball fields all over the world. It has gained popularity to the extent that players take “Tippmann” and “reliable” as synonyms.

Tippmann 98 Custom is a favorite not only with the players, but it is also the most recommended gun by paintball experts. And that’s the reason almost 90% of paintball players start their career with this model.

The only complaints you will ever find about this gun are based on some human error during the packaging, and not about the gun or its mechanism. Some people found a few pieces missing or broken when they received it and that made them give a bad review about it. But that is possible with every product on this planet which is made by human hands.

Overall, this gun has been rated 4.6 out of 5 stars by the thousands of customers who have been using it.

Comparison With Tippmann A5 Paintball Gun

Tippmann 98 Custom is often compared with Tippmann A5 and, sometimes for the beginners, it can become a bit tricky to choose between the two.

To make things easier, you can think of A5 as an upgraded version of the basic Tippmann 98 Custom. They have the same body parts, belong to the same brand, and have the unbeatable durability of Tippmann with them.

In simpler words, if you are looking for a good basic marker that will stay with you for years to come, you can buy Custom 98. But if you are looking for some speedball fun with a basic marker, you should better go for an A5.

What mainly makes A5 different from 98 Custom is its cyclone feed system that enables rapid fire. And yet, you can install the same system on your 98 Custom too.

And, the best part is, you can customize both of these markers with tons of options and upgrades. 

Here is a table of comparison for a quick look at the features.

Model of the GunTippmann 98 CustomTippmann A5
Feed SystemComes with a feed neck for a hopperComes with Cyclone feed system
Magazine Feed ConversionAvailableAvailable
Barrel Length8 ½ Inch8 ½ Inch
Propellent GasCO2 and HPACO2 and HPA

Our Verdict

Tippmann 98 Custom Paintball marker is undoubtedly the best starter marker for any kind of game you want to play. It has got all you need to start out as a paintball player. It is going to shoot consistently be it rain or snow. You cannot question the reliability of this marker.

The marker, as it comes, is pretty good in performance but what you can do to make it better has no end.

So if you are just starting out as a paintball player and looking for something that will stay with you for years to come, this is what you should buy without any hesitation.

We give this gun a 9.5 out of 10 on our scale as the best starter gun.

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