Ultimate Paintball Guns & Equipment Rental Guide & Prices

Are you new to paintball? 

You are in love with the game but the expenses are a little too high for you?

So you are all confused between buying your own equipment or staying with the rental equipment… 

Been there, done that!

Choosing between the two is not so difficult but it certainly can be confusing. The right decision depends on what kind of game you are looking forward to. 

But, regardless of what you want to play in the future, it is always recommended to start your paintball journey with the rental equipment. This way, you not only find out what your interests lie in, but you also get familiar with the equipment. And, at the end of the day, you know exactly what you want to play and, if needed, which equipment you have to buy.

Here is a breakdown of all expenses you have to pay for rentals because knowing what you have to pay and why can help you make the right decision.

The Price of a Rental Gun and Mask (The Basic Package)

We will be starting our discussion with the most crucial and basic equipment of paintball, which is a gun and a mask. 

A good gun is going to decide (certainly with the help of your capabilities) the fun you have during a game, and a mask is going to assure your safety while you have fun. So do not ever think about making a compromise on the quality of these things.

Paintball Equipment Rental Price

If you go to a rental store, you will have both essentials in one package; often called the basic package. And the price depends on the quality of the equipment as well as the rental field you are visiting. 

You will get the basic package anywhere from as low as 13 USD to as high as 35 USD

The prices also vary with the favors coming with the essentials, like paintballs or air refills. We will discuss everything in detail below.

You must be aware that in these packages field rent may or may not be included. For some fields, you will have to buy an admission ticket separately and the equipment will be rented afterward. For others, everything comes included in one package. 

What Type of Paintball Gun You Will be Renting?

Almost all the fields offer semi-automatic or you may know it as a mechanical marker. Rental guns can be worn out, and sometimes may malfunction but that depends on the field you are visiting.

And the good part about the rentals is, in case your paintball gun is not working well, you can always have it checked by the experts in the field. They know a lot more than beginners and know how to troubleshoot those guns in a matter of seconds.

Paintball Gun Rental Price

Some rentals will be offering electronic markers as well, but you will have to pay a hefty amount for them. Because, no matter whether you are buying or renting, electronic markers do not come cheap.

You will get familiar with the paintball fields in your area as you visit and then you can choose the one you like the best for your occasional visits. 

Mind you, the gun you will rent from the field will come complete with a hopper and an air tank.

Rental Hopper

The hopper included with your basic package will most likely be a gravity fed one. But you do not have to worry about that in the least. A gravity hopper works amazingly well with a mechanical gun. 

In the same way, if you have opted for an electronic marker, you will surely get an electronic hopper with it because a gravity fed one is not gonna work here.

However, both types of hopper are good in their own way and price.

Paintball Hoppers Rental Price

Gas Tank

A gas tank will also come attached to your gun; included in the basic package. Co2 tanks are more commonly available, and compatible with mechanical guns. But some better fields are also offering HPA or Compressed Air tanks. 

Co2 or HPA, you will be given whatever is readily available in the fields and you do not have to worry about it in the least.


Your basic package may or may not include a certain quantity of paintballs. And this is where you will start to understand the price fluctuations. Your basic package will cost you more or less according to what is being given.

Some fields do not offer any paintballs in the basic package and that is one of the reasons you will get them at a lower cost. But some fields will include at least 200 paintballs in the basic package and that will be enough for a couple of hours.

Rental Cost For Paintballs

For example, “Extreme Outdoor” is offering their basic package for 13 USD only but the package does not include any paintballs or gas refills.

Some packages include as many as 2000 paintballs for a day, but that means higher prices.

Gas Refills

Refilling gas tanks is another recurring expense at paintball. You will have to keep refilling  your tanks depending on how long you play and how much you fire during that time. 

Some fields offer “all day gas” included in the package which comes as a really good advantage if you plan on playing all day. Others will charge each time you need to fill your tank. “Let’s Play Paintball” includes all day air in their basic package and it comes at 35 USD.

You can get your 20 ounces Co2 tank refill for 5 to 10 Dollars depending on your area. Whereas an HPA refilling can cost you 15 to 25 USD.

Premium Packages

If you want to play like a pro, and your pocket allows it, you can go from advanced to premium packages.

You will be given all the good stuff to use like a top notch electronic marker with an electronic hopper on it. Just be prepared to pay for what you have opted for. As these packages can cost you up to a hundred Dollars.

Here is what you can expect to have in your advance packages.

Paintball Rental Equipment And Cost

Safety Gear 

If you are a bit extra cautious about your safety, or you can be like me who does not like to be hit by a paintball, you may want to rent safety gear as well. A safety vest will protect you from paintballs hitting directly.

A helmet with goggles can protect your head. In the same way, you can also make use of forearm protectors to avoid pain. Neck protectors are also available at some places.

Unfortunately, not all the fields offer safety gear on rent. Some will only include a camouflage vest. And others may not include any such thing. 

You can rent safety gear for 5 to 15 USD, depending on the quality of the gear and the field rates.

Paintballs and Gas Refills

All advance packages include some amount of paintballs that comes with the rental equipment. Depending on the field and the package, you may be given from 200 to 2000 paintballs for a day which could last for some time. You may also be given a few smoke balls and grenades to use, all included in the package.

Many fields offer all day gas on all packages, while others do not. 

Group Packages

If you are not alone in a group of friends who are infatuated by a paintball, instead a group of your friends or family wants to spend a day paintballing, you must be aware of the “group packages” offered by many fields. 

If you take a certain number (decided by the field authority) of friends with you, you will be given discounts and some extra offers like group pictures, and refreshments. What about a slice of pizza and a chilled can of soda after all that workout? Pretty tempting. Isn’t it?

And this is not all, group packages are often given discounts on their field and equipment rents. 

Field authorities do not have to wait for new customers and you are saving a few bucks. So it is a win win for both.

Different Kinds Of Paintball Guns

Advance/ Online Bookings

If you have planned your paintball day ahead of a few days, you can always check for online bookings. You may come across some discounts that are only being given to those who have booked their field a few days or even hours ahead. 

Many fields offer a 10% discount on such bookings.

Comparison Table of Paintball Rental Packages

Package TypeBasicAdvance to Premium
Gun/ Marker TypeMechanical/Semi-Automatic are the most common rental guns.You will either be given a mechanical gun or an electro-pneumatic one. It depends on the field and payments.
Hopper TypeGravity FedGravity fed, or if you have rented an electronic marker, you will certainly be given an electronic hopper with it.
Gas TanksGas Tanks are given with guns, Co2 tanks happen to be the most common type at rentals.You might be given a compressed air tank, as most electronic guns are compatible with HPA only.
PaintballsIt may or may not include any paintballsA certain amount of paintballs is included in the package. The more expensive a package is, the more paintballs will be included in it.
Gas RefillsYou may have access to free gas, or you may have to pay each time you need a refill. Each refill can cost you 5 to 25 dollars depending on the gas type, size of your tank, and areas.Most advanced packages do include “all day” gas.
Safety GearAn eye mask, or a helmet is a must in all basic packages. You will have to pay an additional 5 to 15 dollars to get safety gear otherwise.May include a safety vest in addition to the helmet. You can also rent neck protectors and fog free goggles.
Field RentMay or may not be included (as decided by the field authorities)May or may not be included (as decided by the field authorities)
Price Range15 to 35 USD80 to 250 USD

Final Words

Rental equipment is a great option for all the new paintball players. And also for those who like to play the sport occasionally. If you are new at paintball, it is certainly not a good idea to buy all your equipment at once without having much knowledge about the gear.

You can become familiar with the equipment with the help of rentals and then choose which equipment you need to buy. Plus, not everyone has got the resources to spend all that money at once. The basic rental packages are great for such requirements.

And if you are a person who has no plans to take the game professionally but loves to spend quality time in fields of paintball, you can choose from all the good quality stuff and enjoy your time with friends. Advanced packages give you liberty for that without spending thousands of Dollars on buying that equipment.

But, if you are not among any of these classes and plan to play paintballs quite often, it is better to buy your own stuff. It will be worth your money!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here are some commonly asked questions regarding paintball renting.

How Much Does It Cost To Go Paintballing

How much does a rental paintball gun cost?

A rental gun, mostly a mechanical marker all complete with a hopper and gas tank, will cost you anywhere between 15 to 30 Dollars. In most cases, an eye mask will also be given to make you all ready to play the game.

Will I get paintballs with the rental gun?

It depends on where you are renting your gun from and how much are they charging for it. Most of the time, if it is only a gun you are renting, paintballs will not be included in the package.

Which paintball gun do rentals have?

Mechanical markers are the most popular type of guns with rentals as they are easier to maintain and super durable. They also come at a reasonable price. But if you have got money in your pocket, you can also rent an electronic marker.

Do I have to buy my own stuff if I want to play paintball?

Not at all, almost all fields offer rental equipment so you can try and enjoy your games without spending a hefty amount.

How much does it cost to rent all the paintball equipment?

You only need a protective eye mask and a good gun as basic paintball equipment and you are all set to play a game. You will have to buy some paintballs too, and your tank will need refills if you play for a longer time. It will cost you anywhere from 15 to 30 Dollars. But if you want to rent some fancy equipment like an electronic gun and a vest, you will have to pay more. These advance packages may cost you above 100 Dollars at times.

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