2 Best Paintball Fields in Utah in 2024 – Latest Guide 

As far as we know, it is hard to find a great location for paintball with all the great facilities and service. But don’t worry you are at the right place. In this guide, we will review some of the best paintball fields available in Utah in 2024 that offer everything a perfect paintball field has to offer. So let’s get started. 

Here is a brief comparison table where you can find all the basic information about the paintball fields we are going to review. 

Comparison Table of Top 2 Paintball Fields in Utah

Paintball Fields in UtahVS
1. Action Center Paintball Outdoor Paintball field2. SB Paintball Park
Game TypeStandard paintball Standard paintball, low impact paintball 
Game ModeScenario games, speedball, woodsball Scenario games 
Rental Equipment Available Available 
Age Limit 10 years 13 years 
Best For Courses, prices Fields, games, customer service
Not For Management, no low impact paintball Woodsball 
Google Rating 4.64.8
Facebook Rating 4.7
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1. Action Center Paintball Outdoor Paintball field 

Action 1 1

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Paintball TypeStandard paintball 
Paintball ModeScenario games, speedball, woodsball 
Address Cottonwood Canyon Rd, Mountain Green, UT 84050, United States
Phone number +1801-876-3132
Rental equipment Available 
PaintField paint only 
Age limit 10 years 

Field Type And Games 

Action Center Paintball Park has two wide and large playing fields over 30 acres of land. The fields are designed uniquely and are loaded with some amazing hiding structures like small forts, spools, buildings, castles, big tires, and a lot more. 

Action 2 1

They offer different courses which include both speedball and woodsball as well as other scenario games.

They also have a shooting range where you can shoot targeted structures using paintball guns


As we know that anywhere you go, staff matters a lot because they have a great influence over a customer. 

The staff members here are helpful and friendly. The referees are also trained very well. 

Rental Equipment 

Every type of rental equipment is available at site in its great shape and at affordable prices. 

Note: It is important to note that they do not allow you to bring your own paints because they are a “field paint only” park. 

Other than that, they also have an on-site pro shop where you can buy any kind of new equipment for paintball and airsoft. 

Private Events and Parties 

Southern Maryland Paintball would be a great idea for celebrating your birthday parties, bachelor or bachelorette parties, family reunions, team building events, corporate events, and private paintball parties. They also offer multiple packages for such events. 

Age Limit  

The age requirement for playing standard paintball is 10 years and older that too with a waiver signed by a parent or a guardian. 

Low Impact Paintball

Unfortunately, Action Center Paintball does not offer low impact paintball at present. 

Ratings and Reviews of the Players  

Most of the people who visited this paintball park were satisfied and happy with their experience. They reported that the fields were clean, well-maintained, and adventurous with numerous hiding places and structures. The prices for rentals were also reasonable. 

However, some of the players were unhappy because according to them they were not accommodated and there was insufficient management in different regards. 

Following are the ratings Action Center Paintball Outdoor Paintball field got from different sites; 

Google Rating: 4.6 out of 5  

Our Verdict 

All in all, the well-designed and large maps, interesting game modes, affordable prices, good customer service, clean and family friendly environment, are all the factors that contributed to a wonderful experience at this paintball park. We will recommend it to everyone, especially the beginners to boost up their skills. 

Well, it would be a lot more better if they work a little on the management and organization so that the customers would be satisfied. 

We will rate this paintball park 8.5 out of 10 stars. 

2. SB Paintball Park  

Sb 2

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Paintball TypeStandard paintball, low impact paintball 
Paintball ModeScenario games 
Address 632 E 1500 S, American Fork, UT 84003, United States
Phone number +1801-980-3234 (Google number)
+1801-216-3755 (Phone number) 
Rental equipment Available 
Paint Field paint only 
Age limit 13 years 

Field Type And Games 

SB Paintball Park features Three large playing fields that are differently themed and are based on different objectives.

There are a lot of different obstacles in each field such as; bunkers, spools, boats, etc. Additionally, the game modes are all action-based and interesting. 

Sb 1


The staff at this paintball park is undoubtedly very professional and knowledgeable. They have well-trained and friendly referees as well. 

Rental Equipment 

Every type of rental equipment is available at site in its great shape and at affordable prices. 

Note: It is a “field paint only” park. 

Private Events and Parties 

You can host all the small and large events at this paintball park including; celebrating your birthday parties, bachelor or bachelorette parties, family reunions, team building events, corporate events, and private paintball parties. They have multiple packages for such parties. 

Age Limit 

The age requirement for playing standard paintball as open-play is 13 years and older and for private play it is 10 years and older. And that too with a waiver signed by a parent or a guardian.

Low Impact Paintball  

This paintball park offers low impact paintball for the younger kids. It uses smaller paintballs with a lower velocity and it doesn’t hurt at all so it is perfect for everyone.

The age requirement for playing low impact is 6 years and up. But the best thing about low impact is that everyone can play it whether you are a beginner, adult, kid, or a teenager. 

Ratings and Reviews of the Players  

SB Paintball Park is the highest rated park in Utah. It features a large number of regular and seasonal players. The players stated that their experience at SB Paintball Park is always wonderful and unforgettable. The customer service is top-notch and the referees are always attentive and safety concerned. The staging area is also indoors with a lot of picnic tables and benches. The players loved the overall environment. 

A few of them had some issues regarding different matters. 

Following are the ratings SB Paintball Park got from different sites; 

Google Rating: 4.8 out of 5 

Groupon Rating: 5 out of 5 

Facebook Rating: 4.7 out of 5 

Our Verdict 

According to our point of view, this paintball park is definitely worth going to because of its well-designed and well-maintained fields, interesting courses, great service, top quality equipment, reasonable prices, and other great facilities. It is also best for the younger kids because of the low impact paintball. We will recommend this field to newbies as well as professionals. 

Overall, we will rate it 9.6 out of 10 stars. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

Q. How much does it cost to play paintball ?

Both the paintball facility and the kinds of games you want to play there will determine this. Normal prices for a basic package, on the other hand, range from 50 to 55 dollars, while prices for good packages can reach as high as 100 dollars.

Q. Q. Can I bring my own food and drinks to a paintball park? 

Yes you surely can! Most of the paintball fields have food and drinks available on-site and also allows you to bring your own food if you like to. While others may have some restrictions regarding it, for example most park’s won’t allow you to bring alcohol or such things because it is against their rules. 

Q. Does it hurt playing paintball? 

A paintball impact can sting or produce momentary discomfort, but it usually doesn’t hurt too bad. Many people compare the sensation to a hard flick or a rubber band snap. 

Q. What are the different types of paintball markers available?

Paintball markers are classified into three basic types: pump-action, mechanical (also known as semi-automatic), and electronic. Each type runs differently and caters to various playing styles.


So these were some top paintball fields Utah has to offer. Although they have limited fields, each field is handled very professionally leading to a wonderful experience for regular as well as seasonal players. They have a wide variety of maps that are all adventurous and exciting. Everything is so on point, from fields to prices, customer service, and overall environment is amazing. 

Hope you found a perfect field for yourself. Happy Paintballing! 

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