3 Best Paintball Fields in Idaho in 2024 – Latest Guide 

We’re back with another wonderful state in the United States! We’ll be examining Idaho’s top paintball fields this time around! 

Whether you are a professional paintball player or a newbie looking for an exciting experience, reading this guide will help you decide which field to go to.

We will thoroughly go over the benefits and drawbacks of each field as well as what they have to offer, making it simple for you to choose the greatest fit for yourself.

If you’re in a hurry, have a look at our comparison table for Brief information about the paintball fields we have selected to review. 

Comparison Table of Top 3 Paintball Fields in Idaho

Paintball Fields in IdahoVS
1. Pyrrhic Tactical Sports 2. Bunker Village Paintball Idaho Falls3. Xtreme Outdoor Park 
Game TypeStandard paintball, low impact paintball Standard paintball Standard paintball 
Game ModeScenario games, speedball, woodsball Scenario games, speedball, woodsball Scenario games, speedball 
Rental Equipment Available Available Available 
Age Limit 10 years 10 years 10 years 
Best For Kids, activities Reasonable prices, management Games 
Not For Low budget No low impact paintball Professional players 
Google Rating 4.74.7
Facebook Rating 4.44.9
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1. Pyrrhic Tactical Sports 

Phyrric 1

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Paintball Type Standard paintball, low impact paintball 
Paintball ModeScenario games, speedball, woodsball 
Address 11809 Ustick Rd, Caldwell, ID 83605, United States
Phone Number +1208-629-6229
Rental Equipment Available 
Paint Field paint only (FPO) 
Minimum Age Limit 10 years 

Field Type And Games 

Pyrrhic Tactical Sports is an outdoor paintball facility and it features a large playing area with almost Five differently themed fields/maps. The pleasure and excitement of Woodsball can be felt in the lush fields of Pyrrhic. Alternatively, you can play Speedball in the plain fields with artificial bunkers. You can play any course you choose and have a great time doing it. In addition, the fields are kept perfectly clean and properly maintained to assure excellence. 

All the fields are loaded with different hiding structures such as; bunkers, small forts, spools, shape walls, vehicles, and a lot more. 

They have interesting and thrilling game modes ranging from Capture the flag to team deathmatch. Additionally, they also offer Airsoft

Phyrric 2

Staff And Referees

As we know that anywhere you go, staff matters a lot because they have a great influence over a customer. 

The staff at this facility is very professional and knowledgeable. The referees are always friendly and accommodating.

Rental Equipment

Yes you do not have to purchase your own equipment to play paintball. This paintball field offers rental equipment that is available at a reasonable price and the quality is top-notch. Moreover, if you want to you can also bring your own equipment, but they have certain requirements so make sure you follow them before going there.

Note: It is important to note that they do not allow you to bring your own paints because they are a “field paint only” facility. 

Private Events And Parties

For birthday parties, bachelor parties, family gatherings, business gatherings, and private paintball games, this park is the best. In private groups, you can have a private game among your friends/group members and you will not have to play against other teams. You can also customize your events as you want it to be. 

For details about prices and packages, visit their website. 

Age Limit

The age requirement for playing standard paintball at Pyrrhic Tactical Sports is 10 years and older. 

They also require a waiver signed by a parent or guardian for those under the age of 18. 

Low Impact Paintball

Pyrrhic Tactical Sports also offers low impact paintball for the younger ones ages 10 years and up.

Low impact paintball is just like a regular paintball game but it is played using different types of guns and ammo. It involves the use of smaller and slower paintballs, with a lower velocity than a regular paintball. It has almost half the impact of standard paintball which makes it good enough for the younger kids. However, beginners can also play this type of paintball. 

For a better understanding, see the below calibers; 

Standard Paintball: .68 Caliber

Low impact paintball: .50 Caliber 

Gellyball And Pee-wee Paintball  

They offer another great activity called “Gellyball” (Gel Blaster Parties) for the younger players. 

Gel balls are small, impact-free balls that are lightweight and very easy to use. The age requirement for playing gellyball is ages 6 years and older.

Also, gellyball is not only available for private group parties but also for public play. 

Another good activity this paintball park offers is the “Pee-wee Paintball”. 

Pee-wee paintball is the same like low impact or regular paintball but it uses different paintballs that are lower in velocity and have the slowest impact. It is best suitable for the younger kids. 

Tactical Laser Tag 

Tactical Laser Tag is a recreational game which involves the use of lightweight guns to shoot the targets. The minimum age requirement for playing laser tag at Pyrrhic Tactical Sports is 6 years and older. 

Note: Laser Tag is only available for private groups, i.e; make a reservation before going there for laser tag.

Ratings and Reviews of the Players  

One of Idaho’s most well-liked paintball locations is Pyrrhic Tactical Sports. The players had a great time because of their large area and the distinctive layout of each field, which offers an extensive selection of games. 

Those who visit to celebrate their events are the happiest players. People love the interesting games they enjoy in a private field they are allotted. Additionally, the rentals were also of great quality. The environment is also family friendly and it has always been a good time for everyone playing here. 

However, a very few of the players were not very satisfied with their experience because of different matters that also included some misunderstandings. So overall, it is completely approved by most of the players. 

Following are the ratings Pyrrhic Tactical Sports got from different sites; 

Google Rating: 4.7 out of 5 

Facebook Rating: 4.2 out of 5

Our Verdict 

All in all, Pyrrhic Tactical Sports is a must try. The maps are well-designed, adventurous, and well-maintained with a lot of game modes to offer. There are a lot of hiding structures and obstacles that are placed very well. It is ideal for both tournament players and beginners.

Additionally, If you’re looking for a park with kid-friendly games and you want your kids to have a fantastic time, this is your go-to paintball park. We will recommend you to try this paintball park, you will have one of the best experiences here. 

We will rate it 9.6 out of 10 stars. 

2. Bunker Village Paintball Idaho Falls

Bunker 1

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Paintball TypeStandard paintball 
Paintball ModeScenario games, speedball, woodsball 
Address 9752 W Arco Hwy, Idaho Falls, ID 83402, United States
Phone Number +1208-580-4406
Rental Equipment Available 
Paint Field paint only 
Minimum Age Limit 10 years 

Field Type And Games 

Bunker Village Paintball Park has three different fields with different objectives and challenges. The fields include different obstacles and structures such as; bunkers, spools, huts, shape walls, double decker forts, and more. This is one of the cleanest paintball facilities you’ll find anywhere. The fields are well-maintained and provide a variety of scenarios. 

The games played here are also interesting and action-based including capture the flag, elimination, attack and defend, domination, team deathmatch, and a lot more. 

Staff And Referees

The staff and referees are professional here. They are very helpful if you require any assistance. Everyone makes sure you are having the fun you are there for. And they make it a top priority to keep everyone safe, putting a strong focus on safety measures. 

Rental Equipment

All the rental gear is available here in its great shape and great condition. The best thing is that the prices are also extremely affordable. For example; for $13 you can get 500 paintballs!! Yes! you heard it right. Other rentals are also very reasonable and never a burden on the pocket. 

Note: It is important to note that they do not allow you to bring your own paints because they are a “field paint only” facility. 

Private Events And Parties

You can reserve the field for any event you want to celebrate, and it will certainly be an unforgettable experience. These events may include birthday parties, bachelor or bachelorette parties, church groups, team building activities, family reunions, and more. 

Other than that, you can opt for private group games as well, where only you and your group will play against each other. Or else, you can visit as a walk-on player and play whenever you want with other groups.

Age Limit 

The age requirement for playing standard paintball at Bunker Village Paintball Park is 10 years and older. 

They also require a waiver signed by a parent or guardian for those under the age of 18. 

Low Impact Paintball

Unfortunately, this paintball park does not offer low impact paintball. 

Ratings and Reviews of the Players 

Another great location in Idaho is the Bunker Village.

Almost everyone loves paintballing here as they have large and uniquely designed fields with a great variety of game modes. According to the players, the staff members and referees were a great assistance and provided useful guidance regarding the safety precautions and rules of the fields and games. 

Almost all the people loved celebrating their private parties at this park because the arrangements and management was absolutely on point. 

Following are the ratings Bunker Village Paintball Idaho Falls got from different sites; 

Google Rating: 5 out of 5 

Facebook Rating: 4.9 out of 5

Our Verdict 

There is a lot to say about this paintball field, but we’ll just break it down to one phrase: “biggest bang for the buck”. Compared to the majority of other paintball parks, this one is unique and well-constructed. The fields are very well-designed. Additionally, they provide a wide selection of games, so there won’t be any dull moments. Also, the seating area was well-organized and shaded. 

We will rate this paintball park 9.9 out of 10 stars. 

3. Xtreme Outdoor Park 

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Paintball TypeStandard paintball 
Paintball ModeScenario games, speedball 
Address 617 Taurus Dr, Rexburg, ID 83440, United States
Phone Number +1208-740-3846 (Google Number)
+1208-515-2005 (Phone Number
Rental Equipment Available 
Minimum Age Limit 10 years 

Field Type And Games 

Xtreme Outdoor Park is another popular paintball facility in Idaho. They have multiple options for courses and fields. The fields are well kept and clean mostly. 

There is a very great variety of games modes which includes the following; 

  • Attack and Defend
  • Capture The Flag
  • Blow The Bridge 
  • Protect The President 
  • Mystery Team Variation
  • Last Man Standing
  • The Hunted  

and a bunch of more. You will definitely not experience any dull or boring moments at their fields. 

Staff And Referees

The staff members are extremely professional and accommodating. The referees are also very well-trained, helpful, polite, and safety concerned. 

Rental Equipment

They have got all the equipment needed to play paintball on their fields. And despite all the usage by the players every day, the equipment is in its best form, and that too, at the most reasonable prices. 

Private Events And Parties 

Xtreme Outdoor Park can arrange every kind of party and event very professionally. You can host different events including birthday parties, bachelor or bachelorette parties, church groups, family reunions, youth groups, team building events, and private paintball games. 

Also, they offer great packages for these events so make sure to visit their website or call them for details about the prices and procedure. 

Age Limit

The age requirement for playing standard paintball at this facility is 10 years and older. They also require a waiver signed by a parent or guardian for those under the age of 18. 

Low Impact Paintball

There is no option for low impact paintball yet. 

Ratings and Reviews of the Players  

Although this paintball park is not so popular among the players but you will find some of the happiest and satisfied customers here. The players were amazed by the field’s condition and overall environment. They also liked the friendly and helpful staff which is ever ready to help. Following are the ratings Xtreme Outdoor Park got from different sites; 

Google Rating: 4.7 out of 5 

Our Verdict 

This paintball field is fairly nice overall, and the fields are each themed uniquely with different games to play.

Additionally, private gatherings/games are always held precisely and are always a special experience. It is also reasonably priced so you won’t feel any burden on your pocket. It is highly recommended for beginners. 

We will rate this paintball park 9.5 out of 10 stars. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

Q. How does paintball work?

Teams of players strive to eliminate their opponents by shooting them with paintballs after being sorted into groups. Despite the fact that the goal may change, it frequently involves capturing a flag or eliminating every member of the opposition’s team. There are a lot of different game modes for paintball. 

Q. How fast do paintballs travel?  

Typically, paintballs move at velocities between 200 and 280 feet per second (fps). Depending on the field or game rules, a different maximum velocity may be permitted. 

Q. Which type of paintball is the least painful? 

Standard paintballs are always a little bit painful (just as painful as a rubber band snap). But if you are someone looking for a pain-free paintball then you should go for the “low impact paintball”, “medium impact paintball”, or “Gellyball”. Low impact is basically for kids younger than 11-10 years old because it is half the impact of a standard paintball and it is smaller, lightweight as well. Gellyball uses small gel balls that have no impact and are even more lightweight than low impact paintballs.  


There aren’t many paintball parks in Idaho, so we’ve only focused on the top three that are great in different aspects. But, you may still do some research on other paintball fields in Idaho; who knows, you might find some other possibilities as well. 

In addition to vast, well-designed maps, interesting courses and games, first-rate rental equipment, and first-rate customer service, both fields provide a warm and inviting atmosphere for families and friends alike. Additionally, you will also find a field for younger kids here. 

We hope you found this article helpful. Happy Paintballing! 

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