2 Best Paintball Fields in Delaware in 2024 – Latest Guide

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You’ve come to the perfect site if you’re prepared to go on an amazing paintball experience in the picturesque state of Delaware. Delaware, a state renowned for its vibrant communities and scenic scenery, provides the backdrop for some of the most exhilarating paintball adventures in 2024. 

You can find top-notch paintball fields that accommodate all skill levels and playing styles from the northern to the southern parts of Delaware with the help of this guide. Irrespective of your experience level, our varied selection guarantees fun for both novice and seasoned paintball players.

If you are in a hurry, don’t worry we have a comparison table informative enough to make you choose the one. 

Comparison Table of Top 2 Paintball Fields in Delaware

Paintball Fields in DelawareVS
1. Precision Paintball Park2. Maple Shade Farm Paintball Park
Game Type Standard paintball, Low impact paintball, Gellyball Standard paintball 
Game Mode Scenario games, speedball, woodsball Scenario games, woodsball 
Paint FPO
Rental Equipment Available Available 
Age Limit 10 years 10 years 
Best For Variety of activities, games Variety of fields 
Not For Low budget No low impact paintball 
Google Rating 4.94.9
Facebook Rating 4.74.8
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1. Precision Paintball Park  

Precision 2

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Paintball Type Standard paintball, Low impact paintball, Gellyball 
Paintball ModeScenario games, speedball, woodsball 
Address 18181 Asketum Branch Rd, Georgetown, DE 19947, United States
Phone Number +1302-462-1948
Rental Equipment Available 
Minimum Age Limit 10 years 

Field Type And Games 

Precision Paintball Park features a large playing area that is enough to accommodate small and large groups. They have several differently themed fields and each field is very well-designed with interesting layouts. The tactical and tournament fields are fully turfed and very up-to-date. The fields also feature a good amount of different obstacles and hiding structures such as; bunkers, small forts, containers, shape walls, and a lot more. The variety of game modes is another great thing. They have all the action-based and challenging games to offer. 

Precision 1

Staff And Referees

As we know that anywhere you go, staff matters a lot because they have a great influence over a customer.  

The staff and referees at this paintball park are very helpful and friendly. They are professional in their jobs and they always make sure you are playing safely while having fun as well.

Rental Equipment

Don’t worry if you don’t have your own equipment, the facility has every kind of rental equipment available. The rentals are of excellent quality and condition, and the costs are also rather affordable. They have everything available, in a package, as well as individually. 

Private Events And Parties

For birthday parties, bachelor parties, family gatherings, business gatherings, and private paintball games, this park is the best. In private groups, you can have a private game among your friends/group members and you will not have to play against other teams. It offers different games for private group paintball. You can also customize your events as you want it to be. 

Age Limit 

The age requirement for playing standard paintball at Precision Paintball Park is 10 years and older. And they also require a waiver signed by a parent or guardian for those under the age of 18. 

Low Impact Paintball

Precision Paintball Park also offers “low impact paintball” for the younger kids ages 10 years and up.

Low impact paintball is just like a regular paintball game but it is played using different types of guns and ammo. It uses smaller and slower paintballs, with a lower velocity than a standard paintball. It has almost half the impact of standard paintball which makes it good enough for the younger kids. However, beginners can also play this type of paintball.  

Tactical Laser Tag And Video Games 

Laser Tag is a recreational game which involves the use of lightweight guns to shoot the targets. The minimum age requirement for playing laser tag at Action Jacks is 6 years.

Precision Paintball Park also offers another interesting activity, i.e Video Game Trailer. They have a separate indoor limousine-style setting for video games. The set-up is amazing and according to the theme of video games, they have 5 displays along with stadium style seating. The indoor setting can accommodate 20 players at a time so it is best for large groups as well. Other than that, they also have 2 outdoor displays with camping chairs. Additionally, they have A/C and heat units as well so you don’t have to worry about the weather. 

Note: You must make an advance reservation for this activity and the good news is that you can also call them at your place.

They have different packages for this activity. If you want to have the setting at your place/home, then the price for the package is $500; which includes everything you will need. 

Furthermore, they also offer “Combat Archery”. 

Precision 3

Gellyball (Gel Blaster Parties) 

Additionally, they offer a game called “Gellyball” (Gel Blaster Parties) for the younger players. Gel balls are small, impact-free balls that are lightweight and very easy to use. The age requirement for playing gellyball is ages 8 years and older. 

Also, gellyball is only available for private group parties, which means that you will need to make an advance reservation for it.

Ratings and Reviews of the Players  

The players had a very great experience at this paintball park. They found this paintball park very well maintained and adventurous. The fields are vast and there are many courses that people loved and enjoyed. Players reported that there are a lot of different courses for kids (of all ages), teenagers, as well as adults. Most of the players who were there for Laser tag, just loved their experience because they had a great time. 

The rental equipment is also always clean and the condition is also good. The staff and referees are helpful, guide very well about the rules and safety measures and players loved their professionalism. Overall, everything was great and players absolutely loved this paintball facility and their management.  

Following are the ratings Precision Paintball Park got from different sites; 

Google Rating: 4.9 out of 5 

Facebook Rating: 4.7 out of 5

Our Verdict 

It is one of the incredible paintball parks and surely the best one in Delaware. 

They also preferred this place because of their reasonable prices for rentals as well as paintballs.

One can have a great quality time here without any problems. We will definitely recommend you to try this paintball field.

We will rate this paintball park 9.9 out of 10 stars. 

2. Maple Shade Farm Paintball  

Maple 2

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Paintball TypeStandard paintball 
Paintball ModeScenario games, woodsball 
Address 151 Anchor Inn Rd, Townsend, DE 19734, United States
Phone Number +1302-223-8025
Rental Equipment Available 
Paint Field paint only (FPO) 
Minimum Age Limit 10 years 

Field Type And Games 

Maple Shade Farm Paintball Park has a great variety of fields/maps over a large area. They have almost seven playing fields, all based on different themes and objectives. According to our perspective, the fields are extremely well-maintained, always clean, and up-to-date. Different fields have different obstacles and hiding structures including bunkers, shape walls, a small house, boats, small forts, big tires, containers, and much more. 

They also offer a huge variety of game modes which includes; capture the flag, domination, team deathmatch, centre flag, attack and defend, elimination, and a lot of more. 

Mapel 1

Staff And Referees

The staff is very professional and knowledgeable. The referees are always friendly and accommodating. They make the experience much better. 

Rental Equipment

Yes you do not have to purchase your own equipment to play paintball. This paintball field offers rental equipment that is available at extremely reasonable price and in a pretty good condition. 

Note: You are not allowed to bring your own paintballs at this paintball park as they are a “field paint only” facility. 

Private Events And Parties

This paintball park is also best for private events. The events can include birthday parties, bachelor parties, corporate events, team building gatherings, family outings, and private paintball games.They have different packages for these events as well. You can check their website for more information about the prices. 

Age Limit 

The age requirement for playing standard paintball at Maple Shade Farm Paintball Park is 10 years and older. And they also require a waiver signed by a parent or guardian for those under the age of 18.

Low Impact Paintball

Unfortunately, this paintball park does not offer low impact paintball at present. 

Ratings and Reviews of the Players  

You will find some of the happiest players at this paintball park. The majority of the players rated it 5 stars because of the services they offer. A variety of fields with a variety of games makes it worth the money.

They also have a shaded resting area. 

The players were more into having a private game or birthday party at this paintball park.

Following are the ratings Maple Shade Farm Paintball Park got from different sites; 

Google Rating: 4.9 out of 5 

Facebook Rating: 4.8 out of 5

Our Verdict 

What not to love about this place.It has got everything you need for a great paintball day. The courses are numerous and the fields are large so you won’t be bored here. Everything is well organized and managed by the owner and the staff. The environment is family friendly and you can have a great family time here. A small drawback is that they do not offer low impact paintball. Overall, it is recommended for novices as well as for professionals. 

We will rate this paintball park 9.7 out of 10 stars. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. What equipment do I need to play paintball?

A paintball marker (gun), a mask to shield your face, and protective apparel like a padded jacket and pants are all standard pieces of paintball gear. Additionally required are paintballs and an air tank to power the marker. Other than that, if you want some extra protection, you can purchase a jumpsuit as well. 

Q. Can we play paintball in the rain? 

Yes you can! Again, it depends on the park if they are open in all weather conditions or not. But most of the parks are open in rain and shine. However, if the weather gets worse, all the parks prefer to remain close and the players also can not play in such weather. 

Q. I want to play paintball, is it okay if I bring my own food and drinks? 

You certainly can! In addition to offering food and beverages on-site, the majority of paintball fields let you bring your own food if you’d like. In contrast, there might be some restrictions in other paintball fields.

Q. Can I bring my own paintballs? 

Most of the paintball fields ask you to purchase paintballs from their site/field because of the safety purposes and for ensuring fair play among all the players. However, there are some fields that allow you to bring your own paintballs. 

Q: What are the different game formats in paintball?

Paintball offers a huge variety of game formats such as Capture the Flag, Elimination, Speedball, Woodsball, Center Flag, Attack and Defend, Protect the president, Respawn games, and other Scenario games.


Engage in exhilarating paintball adventures in Delaware with our top picks! These two outstanding fields not only provide an exhilarating experience but also boast a wide variety of fields and game options. Both the locations offer the ideal battlegrounds for matches that will leave an impression on players of all skill levels. 

What makes them unique? These fields are excellent for private parties in addition to being great for public play. Imagine celebrating birthdays, team building, or just a day of fun with friends amidst the excitement of paintball action. 

What’s the best aspect? Each splash of colour and tactic is worth your time because both fields are fairly priced. 

So its time to lock, load, and make amazing memories, don’t miss out on the best paintball experience! 

We hope you found this article helpful! 

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